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Drees Homes Exterior Selection Sheets

Custom exterior design booklets to guide new homebuyers through the material selection process.

Speeding up their customers’ decision-making process lets Drees build more dream homes.

Simplifying the Process

After noticing their homebuyers becoming overwhelmed by the process of choosing the materials for the exterior of their new homes, Drees realized they needed to help simplify the process. With their digital visualizer technology years out, we put together custom exterior packages for their top 8 siding colors. 

This gave us the opportunity to flex our graphic and interior design muscles. Each booklet includes distinct collections for Industrial, Transitional, Modern, Traditional, and Cottage design styles and features highlighted collections mocked up on two floorplans. By creating a print deliverable, buyers have an easy way to reference the collections side by side along with physical material samples. 

Drees Homes custom exterior materials collections. Multiple home siding + roof mockups

Curated exterior collections for homebuyers who want their dream home without the decision-making headache.

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