Branding, Graphic Design, WordPress Website

Masonry Seal

Building a new brand and website with a nod to 50 years of history and a new focus on Crack Injections

History Meets Modern Technology

A new logo, highlighting the history of Masonry Seal, draws on the imagery of etched building cornerstones. The monumental and celebratory depiction paired with a crisp navy and bright cobalt palette, simultaneously anchors and modernizes Masonry Seal for the next 50 years of the business.

Revamped Website

The previous Masonry Seal website was built using HTML files and was nearly impossible to update. By moving to a brand new WordPress website, the Masonry Seal team has a site that can grow and change with them.

Click the image to see the old site

Time-Saving Forms

With custom forms for registering warranties and requesting a quote, their site handles all of the work that used to be manual processes. And, who doesn’t want more time back in the day?