Walder Studio is a Cleveland design firm AND Austin design firm specializing in graphic design, branding + strategy, web design, and signage + wayfinding design. But don't be shy, we love working on projects from around the globe.

Additional services include: interior design, photography, and providing well-researched opinions on anything and everything. 

Meet your lead designers.

Michelle Kowalski

Michelle Kowalski

Cleveland, Ohio
Robin Anderson Piazza

Robin Anderson Piazza

Austin, Texas

Walder Studio

[wawl-der stoo-dee-oh]

We promise to make things attainable and easy to understand. No highfalutin' talk here.

We promise to be your ally and partner in all things design. In short, we’ve got your back.

We believe you catch more bees with honey. We’ll all be grabbing happy hour together in no time.

Let's get to work!