All Saints’ Episcopal Church

A historic Episcopal church located on the University of Texas, Austin campus dedicated to respectful inclusion and serving their diverse community.

Under the leadership of their new Rector, All Saints' looked to modernize their brand identity, reflecting the vibrant spirit of the church today. With the goal of centering the new identity around their mission and diverse community, All Saints' turned to Walder Studio for a comprehensive rebrand.

All Saints’ was built in 1899 on the edge of the University of Texas, Austin campus. Founded by Episcopal Bishop George Herbert Kinsolving, whose crypt lies under the church, All Saints’ has a storied history with the University. Kinsolving and his wife, Grace, established the first residence and chapel for women students at the University, “Grace Hall.” Diversity and inclusion remain core values of All Saints’ today as they strive to provide an environment of acceptance for all parishioners.

Brand Foundation

The new All Saints’ brand brings together the history, legacy, and community that the church has worked to uphold and grow over its century-long history. 

After exploring the church grounds and buildings, gathering images of patterning, stained glass, and ornate architectural features, key elements of the church were incorporated into a layered brand mark.


The ironwork at Bishop Kinsolving’s crypt is a reminder of his commitment to establishing a forward thinking church with ties to the University of Texas.


The quatrefoil shape found on the bishop’s chair speaks to All Saints’ legacy of producing generations of leaders.


The carved cross seen on each pew welcomes parishioners as they come together in worship, paying tribute to All Saints’ diverse community.

The Walder Studio team worked with a committee of parishioners and staff to learn more about the history of the church and understand the finer details that would be incorporated into the new brand identity. 

After deploying the new brand identity, Walder Studio was entrusted with incorporating the new brand on the website, creating promotional materials for a lecture series, and designing additional church assets.


When determining the typography used within the new brand identity, the Walder Studio team wanted to respect the age and history of the buildings that comprise the All Saints’ campus. The use of Jensen Pro feels appropriate set against the historic 1899 chapel building which anchors the campus. Originally developed as an alternative to the popular Blackletter fonts of the time, Jenson was humanistic and legible, becoming a great fit for books and a nod back to All Saints’ place on the University of Texas campus. Urbanist was selected to echo the mid-century style of the 1954 addition of the Gregg House to the church campus.

Color Palette

The color palette developed as an embodiment of key elements of the church. Anchoring the palette is a deep purple reserved for bishops and an acknowledgment back to All Saints’ history with Bishop Kinsolving’s founding. As a pair, a lighter tint is named after his wife Grace, the namesake for the first women’s residence hall on the University campus. A blue from the ornate stained glass panels within the chapel and a yellow hue from the delicate brass work round out the palette for a modern and balanced scheme.

All Saints' Church Stationary
Before After

The Walder Studio team was able to work with the constraints of All Saints’ existing web platform, MembershipVision, to roll out the new brand in time for the Easter holiday.

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