American Compass

A Washington, D.C.-based think tank focusing on economic development that benefits American families, communities, and industries.

American Compass connected with Walder Studio to design an annual report with their newly-developed branding, eventually leading to additional projects focused on reports and print materials.

For the initial project, American Compass needed to redesign their 2022 annual report to utilize their new branding. Walder Studio was tasked with taking their new brand assets and setting the standard for print materials.

After the success of the 2022 annual report, American Compass returned to Walder Studio with two new initiatives: a booklet containing a series of memos and essays from different policymakers and a one-page template for their staffers. Walder Studio delivered a beautifully designed, 106-page booklet and an eye-catching memo template that rise above other materials seen throughout the capital.

Working on the 2023 Annual Report was another opportunity to build upon the great design foundation set in the past year and deliver something exceptional.   

“My whole team thinks it looks fantastic, so thank you again for doing such an amazing job yet again. We really appreciate your work—you’ve yet again helped us level up and present our work in the best way possible.”

Abigail Salvatore, Communications Director