Catboat Coffee Co.

Martha's Vineyard's new year-round coffee shop featuring local businesses alongside handcrafted coffee drinks.

As a brand-new business, the Catboat team set out to create a year-round store that was inspired by and could exist within the heritage of Martha’s Vineyard. Walder Studio came on board to help make their vision a reality with a full branding suite.

It all starts with the logo. Referencing the specific features that make up a catboat, the Catboat Coffee Co. logo is an iconographic representation of the family’s personal catboat. The challenge was to include the key details while still keeping the final product simple enough to serve as a logo across all media.

The year-round business community on Martha’s Vineyard is incredibly tight-knit paying homage to the history of the island and its residents. The Catboat Coffee Co. team wanted to respect that tradition while still establishing themselves as a new, modern brand on the island. As a nod to the hand-carved wooden signs seen across the vineyard, Walder Studio designed a wooden sign which proudly hangs outside the shop.

Catboat Coffee Co. was founded with the intention of supporting other local restaurant startups through multiple stalls built to feature island businesses that may not have the resources to open their own storefront. 

The Catboat Coffee Co. website is set up for eCommerce in multiple capacities, including shipping merchandise and facilitating catering requests from Catboat themselves and the businesses they are hosting in-store. The site also has built-in dynamic fields so that information like shop hours can be edited once and then populated throughout the site, making it easy to keep key information updated as things change with the seasonality of the business ecosystem on Martha’s Vineyard.

Catboat Coffee Co. Enamel Pin Design