WM Property Solutions

A bolt-on software built to tie into the Propertyware API and provide real-time data, automation, and reporting.

WM Property Solutions Logo

When the co-owners reached out to Walder Studio, they didn’t have a name for their new venture, yet. They needed help naming their existing product and developing a brand in order to stand out an upcoming tradeshow.

WM Property Solutions logo embroidered on shirt pocket
WM Property Solutions moving couch apartment

Walder Studio researched competitors in order to find a name that spoke to both the client and their target market, while simultaneously building out the company’s brand. It was important to the client that their name and brand worked with the established branding of Propertyware while still standing out from competing bolt-on software.

In addition to establishing the new company name, Walder developed a style guide for WM Property Solutions with an emphasis on online styles so that they have a solid foundation when building their online presence.

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